CLARITY: Triple Happiness Unisex Stretch Bracelet made with Rosewood, Crystal Quartz + Om charm


- promotes clarity -

MANTRA:  be energy. be motion. be positive.

Crystal Quartz is a purifying stone that removes negative energy, fights emotional exhaustion and increases your motivation. As part of the quartz mineral family, crystal quartz is also called “rock crystal” or “clear quartz.”

It aids in concentration, unlocks memories and promotes clear thinking. As a master healing stone, it lifts your spirits, enhances your optimism, and increases your physical and emotional energy levels.

"Om" is a common mantra used in meditation, the word "Om" is Sanskrit for "the sound of the universe".  Whether using "Om" to meditate out loud or to oneself it reminds us of how we are all connected on this universe.  May this charm be a symbol of connection + a reminder of your own uniqueness.

Beads: 8mm

Circumference: 7.5"