This collection is inspired by Mother Earth herself and her amazing gifts of nature.  The Latin word 'terra' means earth and the Spanish word 'madera' means wood.  This collection features 10 unique all natural semi-precious faceted gemstones and sustainable Robles Wood beads from the Philippines.

      Inspired by all of the natural beauty of the Philippine islands, I intentionally designed the Terra Madera Summer 2024 Collection to reflect the elements of the flora, fauna, sea, and mountains indigenous to the Philippines.

      To honor my parents homeland of over 7,000 islands I selected one of its most beautiful and durable woods to incorporate into this collection.

      Robles wood is a sustainable wood, rich in color with a strong composition.  This durable wood highlights the faceted gemstones in this collection, creating a beautiful lasting piece.

      Each mala made with Robles wood is truly unique, reflecting the inherent beauty, terrain, and diversity of the Philippine islands.