Mala Care Instructions



Malas are incredibly personal items that contain healing energies, represent your intentions and act as a daily reminder to be more mindful + remain present. And because they’re sentimental and designed to be worn for a long time, it’s important that you care for your mala to help extend its lifespan. Here’s how to do so:

When you receive your mala…

As soon as you receive your mala beads, cleanse them (instructions below) and set an intention before wearing them for the first time. This intention can be inspired by the mala’s gemstone properties, or can be a manifestation of what your soul needs or wants.

How to cleanse your mala

Because malas absorb your energy—as well as that of the people, situations + settings around you—you may want to cleanse your mala from time to time, particularly after coming in contact with a negative energy or stressful situation, or if you feel your beads are no longer giving off positive vibes.

To cleanse your mala, you can:

Allow it to rest in the sunlight or moonlight—particularly the light of a full moon—to naturally recharge for a few hours.

Surround it with some of your favorite gemstones to transfer their holistic energies.

Use a Tibetan Singing Bowl, which produces a cleansing sound and vibration.

While wearing your mala…

Be careful that it isn’t exposed to excessive sweat, sunlight, perfumes or other chemicals, and avoid wearing your malas when exercising, in the shower or while swimming. Getting your mala beads wet can shorten the life of the knotting cord.

We also recommend that you avoid sleeping in your malas, exposing them to excessive amounts of sunlight; or wearing them in any situation in which they might be pulled, snagged or damaged in any way.

Unless you’re wearing a wrap mala that’s specifically designed to be worn in multiple ways, avoid wrapping the mala around your wrist, as it can shorten the life of your mala.

If you have a question about how to care for your mala or regarding a repair please fill out this form and send us a message so we can assist you.


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