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What is a mala?

A mala, which is Sanskrit for garland, is a string of beads—typically 108, in addition to one guru bead—which are used as a meditation tool while chanting, reciting or silently repeating a mantra.

What is a mantra?

A mantra—Sanskrit for sound, syllable, word or group of words—is a personal “motto” of sorts that is repeated during meditation to help create focus and self-transformation.

What is the significance of the 108 beads?

Malas allow the wearer to keep count of mantra recitation, allowing her to stay focused, calm and relaxed while repeating a mantra 108 times. In traditional Tibetan Buddhism, mala beads are often created using 108 beads, as a 108-bead mantra repetition represents the 108 worldly sins in the Buddhist doctrine.

What is the significance of the numbers 3 and 6?

The numbers 3 and 6 are significant in relation to mala beads, with Buddhist malas coming in three forms: 108, 54 and 27 beads. On a traditional Buddhist mala, the three beads above the guru bead represent the Three Refuges: Homage to the Buddha, Homage to the Dharma and Homage to the Sangha. 

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At Mala and Mantra, we believe that every journey is unique, just like each zodiac sign. We understand the importance of connecting with something more personal and meaningful. That's why we've decided to simplify the search for something special and authentic by creating our 'Zodiac Bundles.'

Infused with the unique energy of each sign, our bundles are carefully crafted to reflect the distinctive characteristics and personality traits of every zodiac sign. Each stone has been precisely chosen to complement and amplify the specific qualities of each sign, creating a celestial synergy.

Explore the essence of your zodiac sign with Mala and Mantra, where each bundle is a curated reflection of the stars, designed to make your journey more meaningful and uniquely yours.

Libra Zodiac Bundle

The Libra Set pays homage to the graceful and harmonious spirit of this zodiac sign. Each stone, thoughtfully chosen, collaborates to enhance Libra's innate qualities, fostering a sense of equilibrium and beauty.

Amethyst: Symbolizing spiritual serenity, Amethyst resonates with Libra's yearning for balance and peace. It cultivates a calm mind, promotes emotional stability, and serves as the perfect ally for those seeking equilibrium in a chaotic world.

Smokey Quartz: Grounding and protective, Smokey Quartz aids Libra in finding stability amidst life's uncertainties. Its gentle energy disperses negativity, enabling Librans to maintain poise and diplomacy in challenging situations. Smokey Quartz encourages practical decision-making while keeping the energy around Libra clear and uplifting.

Moss Agate: Embodying the lush beauty of nature, Moss Agate reflects Libra's appreciation for aesthetics. It promotes personal growth and emotional balance, assisting Librans in connecting with their inner selves. Moss Agate encourages renewal and vitality, aligning seamlessly with Libra's love for all things harmonious.


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I have bought a few times and every piece is thoughtful, beauiful and happy - this particular bracelet with all the stones is a miniature symphony of joy

Los Angeles, CA

I’ve worn my strength bracelet for two years straight wearing it constantly. I feel connected to my stones and they really have help me overcome difficult situations and to have strength. So thankful for this bracelet and the energy it gives me.

Phoenix, AZ

I love to give mantra bracelets as thoughful gifts to friends and family. They are so beautiful and well received every time!

Key Largo, FL

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