AUGUST Birthstone: Peridot Women's Delicate Faceted Mini Tassel Bracelet

Peridot Women's Delicate Faceted Mini Tassel Birthstone Bracelet with adjustable slide closure and mini tassel + gemstone pull ties. This dainty petite bracelet is pretty solo or stacked with additional faceted mini tassel bracelets in a variety of colors.  

Peridot is a powerful cleansing stone that protects you from harm and attracts prosperity. As a stone of transformation, it helps reveal your soul’s purpose, brings about necessary change, and allows you to let go of the past and move forward with confidence.

MANTRA:  be confident. be protected. be transformed.

Gemstones: 3-4mm

Circumference: 6" + adjustable up to 8"


SKU:  AX5507-PDF