MATA MALA: 108 Bead Hand-knotted Gemstone + Rosewood Mix Adjustable Wrap Mala with Rose Quartz Heart Charm

Mata is the Sanskrit word for mother and honors the female creative power in all of us.  The gemstones in this design were intentionally selected to promote the Mata themes of love, compassion, guidance, and growth.  

MATA MANTRA:  I am compassion.  I am harmony.  I am love.

May the holistic properties and energies of these gemstones promote your overall well-being and guide you on your path to your inner goddess.

Amazonite: promotes communication

Morganite: promotes unconditional love

Pink Aventurine: promotes well-being

Rhodonite:  promotes humanity 

Rose Quartz:  promotes love

Ruby Quartz:  promotes compassion

Sunstone:  promotes connection

Each of the 108 beads in this mala are hand threaded and hand-knotted by a fair trade cooperative of talented women artisans in the Philippines who we sustain with the production of our products. 

This mala features a Rose Quartz heart as the guru bead.  Each piece in this special Mata Mala Collection includes a Rose Quartz heart which is a tribute to all mothers who provide us with their unconditional love and care.

Beads:  6mm

Circumference:  34-38" (adjustable)

Knotted Loop Closure:  4"

SKU: AX6412-MIX2