CHANGE + GROWTH: 6mm Riverstone Faceted 108 Bead Mala

Promote growth and change with our Riverstone 108 Bead Hand-knotted Mala.  Hand-crafted with with semi-precious Riverstone faceted gemstones this mala features a very special Guru bead with one of the most sacred mantras engraved in Sanskrit 'Om mani padme hum' which translates to "May I have compassion for all sentient beings."

Riverstone's energy is much like the rivers it flows from, it can help to transform and create change. As a healing stone it can assist in moving things in a forward direction, promoting the flow of positive energy. Energize your aura and heighten your spirituality with this grounding stone.


change + growth


be energized.
be balanced.
be transformed.

Beads:  6mm

Length:  31-33"

SKU:  AX5850-RVF