How to Create a Meditation Space at Home

April 21, 2018 2 min read

Although meditation can be done  at any time in any place, many meditation lovers prefer to create a sacred space solely for their daily meditation and spiritual practices. This space is dedicated to stillness and silence—a haven where you can find peace, quiet your mind, soothe your soul and get in a meditative mindset. And if you walk by it each day, your meditation space can also serve as a daily reminder tomeditate, which is especially helpful when life gets a little busy.

So how do you actually make your own zen den? It’s surprisingly simple, and a fun way to explore your creativity and express your individuality. Here are a five of our favorite tips to crafting to the perfect (and most peaceful) space:


1. Choose a space that makes you feel happy, comfortable and at peace. It could be an entire room, if you have the space, or the corner of a relaxing room, out on your patio, tucked away in your garden or in the backyard—literally anywhere can work, as long as it makes you feel calm, focused and relaxed. 

2. Think about the space’s location, how quiet it is and whether it gets a lot of foot traffic (i.e. how likely are your kids to run through it when you’re in the middle of meditation?). If it’s a little loud—particularly if you live in a city—consider playing some soothing music or investing in a white noise machine to make it peaceful and quiet.

3. Keep the space simple and uncluttered. All you need in your meditation space are the basics, such as a meditation pillow or mat (or whatever you like to meditate on), and a place or altar for all your favorite meditation items. We love creating an altar with our favorite Buddha statue, a palo santo candle or incense holder, our Tibetan singing bowl, crystals and of course some mala beads.


4. Bring in a touch of nature to help you connect with the earth and all the natural beauty surrounding you. It could be a small (or large) plant, a vase of fresh flowers, a terrarium, a bowl of seashells or some type of water-focused fixture.

5. Add some smell-good scents to help ease you into a relaxed and meditative state, whether it’s incense, essential oils or a scented candle. Frankincense, sandalwood, lavender and clary sage are just a few scents that are especially helpful for staying grounded and easing meditation.

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