A Renewing Spring Meditation from Meditation Teacher Winthrop

To celebrate the start of spring, we partnered with mindfulness + meditation teacher Silvi Winthrop to bring you a guided meditation for renewal + new beginnings. Learn more about Silvi at silviwinthropmeditation.com.


Silvi Winthrop is a mother, former elementary school teacher, NASM certified fitness trainer, and a McLean Meditation Institute and MMI Mindfulness@Work Instructor. In 2014, Silvi went to Sedona for personal renewal and rejuvenation. It was there she learned how to meditate, which changed her life. Silvi became more self-aware, felt calmer, relaxed, more balanced and energized.

Silvi was so thrilled with the positive changes in her life that she wanted to share this with other people and became a Simple, Easy, Every Day (SEED) Meditation and Mindfulness teacher at the McLean Meditation Institute. She offers meditation and mindfulness training for groups, corporations, kids or individuals looking to learn a simple way to incorporate meditation and mindfulness into daily life. 

Please visit silviwinthropmeditation.com to find out more about her services.