TERRA MAR: Indigo Gabbro

Encourage insight while wearing our Indigo Gabbro Terra Mar Stretch Bracelet. This handcrafted bracelet promotes evolution and features all-natural, semi-precious faceted Indigo Gabbro stones.

Our Terra Mar Collections features 10 semi-precious matte finish gemstones which all resemble either Terra (Earth) or Mar (Sea) due to their unique color palettes and tones.

Indigo Gabbro:  Promotes insight

Indigo Gabbro is a transformative stone which opens your mind to new ideas and possibilities.  It is known as the "stone of evolution," encouraging growth, personal development, and positive change.

As a speckled form of Jasper found in Africa, it brings structure, balance and prosperity into your life, while renewing your spirit and awakening your soul to its true purpose.  Indigo Gabbro enhances wisdom, boosts focus, and helps to clear your mind.

MANTRA:  I am wise. 

Beads: 8mm
Circumference: 7.5”