Have you seen beautiful crystal altars on Pinterest or scrolling through Instagram and had the itch to create one of your own? Does yours feel less than organized or visually pleasing? It can feel overwhelming to address, but with a few items you may already have on hand, you can style a crystal altar in your home that feels sacred and beautiful to you and enhances your practice.

The first place to begin is to remove anything you may currently have on your altar and clean the surface well. From there, lay out an altar cloth (you can find one you love on Etsy from anywhere between $5 - $40), if you don’t have an altar cloth, any other piece of meaningful fabric or a handkerchief or small blanket can work. 

Begin placing your items back on your altar, placing the taller, larger items that create your environment toward the back. This can include one or more tall candles, a pink himalayan salt lamp, any statues you may have. In front of those, place your medium-height items. Many people include a small plant on their altars to bring a piece of life to their space, this is a great place for your plant. This is also where any sacred boxes you may have can live. Many of us have small boxes that house scraps of paper with prayers, wishes, words of encouragement from others, etc. on them. With their lids closed, you can showcase favorite crystals on top of them, using them as small shelves.

In front of this, begin placing your favorite crystals in a formation that feels beautiful to you. Many people place them by color, or by size, or just by how their energy feels in relation to each other. Rearrange them until you feel happy and fulfilled with where they sit. This is also where any malas you love to meditate with, incense, or smudge sticks can be placed for easy access.

As your crystal collection grows, you may have to spend some time rearranging what you have. This is a good thing! Thank the universe for bringing you even more support and healing tools and shift things around on your altar until it feels peaceful to you again. If you design your own crystal altar this month, tag us on Instagram (@malaandmantra) so we can see the beauty you created!