Gemstones that promote love

Rose quartz

Rose Quartz is a crystal of unconditional love that enhances compassion, peace, tenderness and comfort. Known as the "Heart Stone", it helps you heal emotional wounds and resentments, allowing you to give and receive love from others.



Garnet is an energizing stone that helps promote love, strengthen relationships and attract abundance into your life. This sensual stone is an ancient symbol of friendship that enhances loyalty, devotion and self-esteem.



Prehnite is a transformative stone that represents unconditional love, promotes spiritual growth and allows for personal evolution. As a spiritual stone, prehnite enhances your intuition, encourages you to follow your heart and prepares you to handle any situation that may arise. As a grounding stone, it allows you to clear your mind and smoothly transition into a meditative state.



Rhodonite is a stone of generosity that increases your connection to others, encourages forgiveness and helps you release self-destructive tendencies. It is an emotionally healing stone that helps you remain centered during stressful times, while nurturing feelings of love and empathy.


As part of our new Live With Intention collection, the LOVE styles promote love, compassion, humanity + passion. Each piece features semi-precious Rose Quartz, Garnet, Ruby Quartz + Rhodonite gemstones, and is associated with the following mantra: “I intend to show compassion for all sentient beings.”