Our new YAUVANA MALA Collection was designed to inspire + empower the next generation, our YOUTH. These special mala bracelets are part of our CRAFTED FOR A CAUSE Collection, which is a special collection we create for the SOUL purpose of giving back to causes and organizations close to our heart which align with our mission to spread the messages behind our brand of mindfulness, meditation, and mental well-being.

      With each purchase of a Yauvana Mala, 10% will be donated to a non-profit youth organization. At Mala and Mantra we believe if we can inspire and empower young minds with real life tools, techniques, and skills to help them navigate through youth and adolescence we can develop young empowered individuals who cannot only cope with the challenges life presents, but thrive and live meaningful lives.

      We hope our Yauvana Mala beads will serve as a tangible talisman and tool for young people to remind them to practice the pause, become self-aware, feel and observe their emotions, take a breath, and BE their authentic selves.

      Wear Yauvana Mala. . . BE YOUthful and thrive