Starting your day with gratitude and intention sets you up to move through the rest of your day in a space of being fully present.  When we create a morning ritual out of tips like the ones we’re sharing today, we’re giving ourselves a priceless gift: the gift of peace and introspection.

From rising with intention, stretching your body, and giving gratitude to the new day you’re about to embark on, to spending time in a meditation space you create that you feel calm and peaceful in, beginning your day with these tips in mind will help you find a more gentle, loving way to enter each morning and encourage you to keep your mindfulness practice with you throughout the day.

  • Slowly rise, gently open your eyes, stretch your body and allow yourself to become present to the gift of a new day to be grateful for.
  • Create a comfortable space to practice meditation, you can set up a spot including a cushion, some pillows, a chair, and a throw.  Make it as cozy and comfortable as possible.  The more inviting a space the more you will find yourself wanting to spend time there meditating.  You can even include things like your favorite crystals, essential oils and a candle in a calming scent like lavender.
  • Savor and surrender to the silence while meditating.  Silence allows us to get to know our true self better and opens up the fields of possibility and potential
  • Write down three things you are grateful for in the morning, as you write these down extend gratitude towards them and notice how this makes you feel and write that down next to it.