Tips for Mindful Living throughout the holiday season

The hustle of the holiday season can bring even the most grounded of us tension and stress, and unfortunately can also interrupt our spiritual practices and habits.

Being intentional about your days and being connected with mindfulness can not only bring you more peace and calm in moments of stress, but can also support your spiritual practice overall. The more we practice mindfulness, the more of a way of life it will become.

Using these tips, you’re invited to start or strengthen your own experience with mindfulness, and find your serenity during the holiday season - even amidst the chaos.

  • Remember during this very busy and hectic time to live in the present moment, taking inventory of the small things around you that bring you joy or peace. Whether that be sparkling lights, a cup of hot chocolate, or the company of a wonderful friend, living in the present moment allows us to truly enjoy what is right in front of us.
  • Spend quality time with those you care about and give them the gift of your total presence by listening and engaging with them. This is the most beautiful gift you can give, the gift of your undivided attention and care. When you’re catching up with a friend or family member, be intentional in listening to their responses and truly engaging in their presence.
  • Get outside and take in the free gifts Mother Nature has to offer. Enjoy a walk through the crisp winter air with the dog, or even just a few moments of fresh air in the mornings before you start your day, breathing deep and centering yourself. Getting outside gives us a different landscape to focus on, different gifts to enjoy, and even more of life to be grateful for. Cozy up in your winter layers, be present in the moment and enjoy the magic that surrounds you.