The present of presence

Recently I experienced how meaningful the gift of someone's presence can be.  It is amazing how uplifting it can be to ones spirit and self esteem when another person pays undivided attention to you and actually listens to what you have to say and interacts with you with care.

To have someone engage in conversation and activity or even in silence with physical signs of attention and connection like eye contact, holding hangs, or a hug can generate feel good emotions we as humans long and crave for.  These feelings can even stimulate the release of serotonin, known as the happiness hormone.

It doesn't take much effort or cost much money to provide someone with the gift of our presence.  Small things like a smile or genuinely asking "What is going on with you?" and listening with intent to the answer can be all someone needs to make them feel needed, valued, and cared for.

We as human beings were designed as social creatures to make human connections and create community.   It is inherent to our nature to surround ourselves with others and to engage and exchange thoughts, feelings, and emotions.

Our physical presence is one of the greatest ways we can connect with humanity.  Giving a small part of ourselves each day to another, whether they be our close family and friends or a complete stranger we pass, can contribute not just to the well-being of those we bestow our presence to but also ourselves.

During this holiday season let's all think about giving the ultimate present to others. . . the gift of our presence and attention.