The Power of Journaling

A journal is a personal daily record of news or events, similar to a diary.  Ever since I was a young girl I have kept a journal or diary in some form whether it was a simple notebook, a beautifully planned diary, a composition notebook, or even individual pieces of paper gathered and kept.  

The most fascinating part of keeping a journal is being able to visit yourself back at a particular time in the past and to see how you have evolved.

The act of putting pen to paper is very transformative.  It is amazing how we can transport our deepest thoughts and feelings from our mind through our hands to paper.  This has also been a form of therapy many coaches, therapists, and psychologists have recommended in situations where you may have a hard time expressing what you truly want to say to someone.  Many times writing a letter and not sending it is an incredible release of pent up emotions.

Writing in a journal on a daily basis has become a personal ritual for me.  I came across an article years ago about a method used by Tim Ferris called The 5 Minute Journal.  I adopted this journaling method on my own in 2017 and have been journaling this way on and off for the past 3 years.  What I love about this type of journaling is that it starts out with writing down three things I am grateful for then prompts me to answer this question 'What would make today great?' then ends with making an 'I am. . . ' affirmation.  I love how simple this journaling method is and how reflective the process is for me.

I have personally benefited from the power of journaling on a consistent basis.  I highly recommend it as I feel it is an amazing tool to go within and discover your true authentic self.

I encourage you to try a journaling practice for one week, whether it be in the form of a diary, a gratitude journal, or something else, whatever works for you.  See how you feel after a week of journaling regularly and if it feels good. . . write on!