The Gift of Gratitude

With the gift giving season now upon us it is easy to get wrapped up with finding the perfect gifts for everyone our list.  Lately I have been realizing how having people, both friends and family, who I love and care for on my list is a blessing in and of itself and something to be deeply grateful for.  It reminds me how I have so much abundance in my life and that there are others less fortunate who struggle to have life's basic necessities like food and shelter.

Today I woke up to a glorious morning which greeted me warm sunshine and blue skies.  I was wrapped up in blankets as the temperature had dropped down to 44 degrees (farenheit) which for those of us who live in Southern California consider cold.  I thought to myself as I was prompted to write 3 things I am grateful for in my 5 Minute Journal to write about the warmth and shelter of my home and the comfort it provides myself and my family.

Sometimes we take for granted the things which we are so blessed to have which others do not.  It is in these moments of self awareness which I feel extreme gratitude to be alive, to be healthy, to have the love of my husband, children, and family, the support of good friends, food to eat, water to drink, electricity, shelter, and much more than I need.

When these moments arise I try to practice mindful gratitude in giving thanks and let the feeling of gratitude completely fill my body and soul.  I close my eyes and meditate on all of the gifts I am grateful for.  I recite this gratitude mantra to myself:




When I slowly open my eyes I look around me and see everything I am so fortunate to be blessed with, my home, my family, the sun shining down upon me.  I put my hands on my heart and recite the same mantra now with my eyes open looking around at everything I am grateful for.

I invite you to practice mindful gratitude as it is an amazing way to ground yourself to what's really important and to receive grace in order then to give the gift of gratitude to others.