Terra Madera Collection Inspired by Mother Earth

April 22nd every year marks the anniversary of the modern environmental movement in 1970, now known as Earth Day.  The first Earth Day celebration gave a voice to the emerging public consciousness of the state of our planet.  

This year in honor of Earth Day I was inspired by Mother Earth herself and all of her amazing gifts of nature which led me to design this special collection, Terra Madera.  The word 'terra' is Latin for earth and the word 'madera' is Spanish for wood. When I think of terra and the richness of the earth I think of the colors and textures of clay, sand, and stone.  When I think of madera I think the natural beauty of wood, leaves, plants, and trees and the textures of wood grain and bark.

Earlier this year I rediscovered some gemstone samples which all happened to be Jasper stones and in a matte finish.  I noticed how the different varieties from Red Creek Jasper to Fancy Jasper to Rocky Butte all reminded me of the earth and its natural beauty.  I started playing around with the stones and thought how great they would look next to some of the sustainable wood beads from the Philippines we use in our designs from Rosewood to Robles Wood.

Once I researched each jasper gemstone's holistic properties and energies and discovered that they promote balance, tranquility, nurturing, and healing I felt they were the perfect stones to use to create a special offering in honor of Mother Earth.  She embodies all of these things and is a great example of how we should all treat one another and the incredible home she has provided to us all.

This year in celebration of Earth Day @malaandmantra will continue to look for ways to reduce our carbon footprint, practice sustainability, and help Mother Earth to continue to breathe.  Let us all search for ways to make a difference and to be more mindful of how our actions and decisions affect our collective home we call Earth.