Self aware = Self care

Part of my morning ritual is writing in my Five Minute Journal however sometimes I feel inspired to write more so I'm sharing an exerpt from my meditation and mindfulness journal about self awareness and self care.

Last week was very challenging for me in many ways, I felt like the Universe was challenging me on a daily basis to the point where I said "bring it on!"  I was very mentally drained and exhausted from numerous challenges and felt like either screaming or crying however realized neither would be a constructive use of my energy.

Instead I used my mindfulness practice to tune in and listen to myself, my heart, and my soul, to find out what it needed.  I realized I needed a distraction from it all and spontaneously decided to embark on some quick retail therapy at a local gift boutique where I shopped for perfect card for special people.  I got lost reading cards which made me smile and laugh.  This felt so good inside.

I also realized I needed a break, literally, so after work at the end of the grueling week decided I wanted to be outside where we could enjoy the beautiful summer weather, breathe fresh air, and enjoy a literal 'happy' hour.  I enlisted my partner in crime and life, my better half, who always makes everything feel better.  It was just what I needed, a well deserved break from all of the stress, anxiety, frustration, and disappointments of the week.  

I encourage you if you don't already practice self awareness to give it a try.  It's so important to tune into yourself and listen to what your heart and soul needs.  This is truly where a practice of self-care begins, in finding out what you need to nourish your soul.

Take good care (of yourself),