Searching for Simplicity

Lately I have been reflecting a lot on how to 'live simply' and what I can do to simplify my life in order to be more present to enjoy it.  After over a year spent living through a global pandemic while simultaneously grieving the loss of numerous loved ones, trying to keep our business alive, caring for my elderly mother, and trying to keep myself and my family safe and healthy I found myself absolutely exhausted from it all.  The exhaustion was both mental and physical  like a heavy weight which I found kept pulling me down.  I utilized all of my mindfulness and meditation practices to help me get through it.  My daily meditation practice of silent and metta meditation helped ground me.  Some days were more challenging than others so I tried to be mindful and present as often as possible.

One thing I realized as I had to help prepare my mother's house for sale is how much stuff we all accumulate, most of which we don't need nor does it serve a higher purpose for us.  I found myself purging my parents home of everything imaginable from my report cards my mother saved to kitchen supplies, clothing, Christmas decorations, and a lot of miscellaneous 'stuff'.

There was a great feeling on anxiety which overcame me as I was filtering so much 'stuff'.  I acknowledged the feelings of discomfort and decided the best course of action was to discard and purge everything which was not needed or essential.  I did this for four months during quarantine and by the end was so exhausted from purging someone else's stuff I decided I don't want our own children to have to do this with our things.  I made a promise to myself when we returned to our own home I would do the same thing, go through everything and purge what we don't need or no longer serves us.  As they say "easier said than done."

I started the process of trying to simplify and organize our home room by room however found I would stop and start often.  I have a hard time letting go of things, even if I'm not sure I will ever use it again or if it is necessary.  I have a gift I received from someone years ago which says 'LIVE SIMPLY', it is a great reminder of my goal.  I would love to simplify my life however find it filled with so much I don't even know where to begin.  

I referred to the definition of SIMPLIFY from Merriam-Webster to help me.

Definition of simplify

transitive verb

: to make simple or simpler: such as
a: to reduce to basic essentials
b: to diminish in scope or complexity : STREAMLINEwas urged to simplify management procedures
c: to make more intelligible : CLARIFY
I am searching for simplicity in my life in many areas including my things, my home, my business, my relationships, and my plans for the future.
I felt the power of simplicity the other day when I noticed a beautiful, yet simple flower arrangement on our coffee table which my husband used overgrown lavender from our  plant to create.  The vision of the green and lavender stems in a beautiful clear, round glass vase filled with water absolutely enchanted me.  I now have a vision of this in my mind when I think of 'the core of beauty is simplicity' which is a quote I love from Paul Coehlo.
July marks the beginning of the second half of the year and with it an opportunity to begin again and to search for simplicity in our lives.  I am excited to embark on my own personal journey towards simplicity and minimalism.  There is truth in the concept of 'less is more.'  I encourage you to live with less to experience more. 
One of my favorite quotes by the father or modern environmentalism is:
"Our life is frittered away by detail. . . .simplify, simplify, simplify."
- Henry David Thoreau