Pāua Mala for Maui

Many years ago I was introduced to these mezmerizing beatufiful beads which I learned were made out of abalone shell (also known as Pāua) inlaid into wood beads. They were so beautiful in the photos I saw however I had no idea what they were called or how to find them.  I began a determined search to find these beads as I was drawn to them and wanted to incorporate them into a mala design since they were so unique and special.  After an endless search online I learned these beads were made by talented artisans on the island of Cebu, in the Philippines. What a coincidence that these beads were made in the Philippines, where our mala bead jewelry is hand-crafted by a fair trade cooperative of women artisans.  It was as if the Universe led me to these beads somehow. 

Last year I conceptualized what was to be our Eye of Protection Collection featuring these beautiful Pāua (abalone) shell inlaid beads, which are meticulously hand-crafted by talented artisans on the island of Cebu in the Philippines. I decided to name it 'Eye of Protection' because the Pāua, abalone shell, beads resemble eyes and represent someone watching over you, with an intention of protection. We decided to create these in our Carlsbad Studio with some of our local women artisans and it has been a labor of love.

As we contemplated the name of the collection we decided we should use this collection as a way to highlight the beautiful mesmerizing abalone shell, known as Pāua, originating in New Zealand. It evolved from the Eye of Protection Collection to the Pāua Mala Collection. After deciding on the name and to focus on the shells themselves we learned a lot about their meaning.  Abalone shell is known as "shell of calm" which can increase the flow of energy, protect the aura, and aid in communication.

I took my time launching this collection and realized as we were finalizing the name and mantra card that there was a bigger reason why this collection was finally evolving at this particular time.  I kept on reading the copy we wrote for this mantra card and realized the intention behind this shell was something our friends and customers on Maui could use:  protection, connection, harmony, and strength as they deal with the aftermath of the devastating wildfires last month.

We decided these special Pāua mala bracelets were destined to help serve a purpose, to offer support to Maui and to help them rebuild their community.  

Maui is a very special place for Mala and Mantra, as our brand concept was born there 10 years ago.  This is a small gesture from M+M to Maui to say 'Mahalo' for the beauty of their island serving as insipration.

100% of the proceeds of the Pāua Mala bracelets are being donated to the Hawai'i Community Foundation's Maui Strong Fund to help the people of Maui rebuild their homes and communities.



intention:  protection

manifest:  connection.  harmony.  strength


be connected.

be harmony.

be strong.


Mālama Maui,

Your friends at M+M