Make time to restore the mind, rejuvenate the body, renew the soul.

This year feels like it is flying by at lightning speed, I am in disbelief it is already April as I remember not that long ago bringing in 2022.  I sometimes feel life passes by faster when I’m going non-stop, not coming up for air and simply going through the motions of getting through each day, week, and month.  Fortunately my mindfulness and meditation practices allow me the opportunity to remember to be present and live in the moment, savoring the NOW.

As my senses start to be more stimulated by the beauty, scents, feelings, and sounds of springtime like the warmer weather, longer days of sunshine, birds singing, and flowers blooming I find myself spending more time being outside and appreciating Mother Nature.  She is a great reminder to me of how we all go through a season of rebirth and renewal.

Recently I was overwhelmed with thoughts, emotions, and feelings which weighed heavy on my heart and soul.  I felt there was so much on my shoulders which I could not handle which started to create mental and physical anxiety.  I used my mindfulness and meditation practices to help me take a deep breath and allow myself the space to pause.  I realized I needed to set the intention to restore  my mind,  rejuvenate  my body, and  renew my soul.

I am blessed to have an incredible yoga teacher and strength trainer, Jessica Janc, whose vinyasa yoga and strength training classes help me care for my body in a holistic way which releases endorphins, provides energy and an incredible feeling of well-being.  Every time I am going through my vinyasa or doing bicep curls or squats I feel the connection between my mind and my body.  I realize they are interdependent and both need to be nourished.  

Physical exercise for me whether it be yoga, strength training, or mindful walking helps me connect my mind and body in a meaningful way.  I recognize what each one needs and tune in to pay attention to those needs.  This practice of listening to my body with my mind has helped me rejuvenate  my body to feel and perform better.

When I found myself feeling heightened anxiety due to external stress factors I went inward to investigate what was going on inside of me which felt almost like a small storm of emotions.  I am very fortunate to have some special souls including my reiki master and energy coach, Carrie and Kamala, who have taught me how to be kinder to myself and to allow my body to feel uncomfortable feelings and emotions as they arise.  I have also learned from them how to ask for support when I need it as well as how to receive love.  I have started using some of these practices and they have helped me restore  my mind allowing for more grace, compassion, self love, and self-acceptance.

I have noticed some internal and external warning signs which I feel are being sent with the purpose to wake me up to the challening inner work I still need to continue to do.  Some of these signs scared me as they have illustrated how people and things which are important to me could be at risk if I don’t take action.  This is the soulwork I need to do which is not easy.

Fortunately the universe’s timing could not have been more serendipitous as I had planned on attending the Wisdom 2.0 Conference this month.  Last week I attended this conference which is an inspiring gathering of like minded souls to learn about how to live mindfully in the digital age.  I had not been to a gathering of this size, 500 people, since before the pandemic in February 2020.  It felt incredible to be able to make human connections again and learn from some of the wisest human beings in the space of mindfulness.  I felt like a child going back to school, ready and eager to learn and take notes.  My soul felt so uplifted by the speakers, subjects, conversations, and meaningful connections I made.  I was elevated to a higher level of consciousness through the experience.  The two days I spent surrounded by the higher vibrations of this collective of inspiring and inspired humans made my soul sing, and renewed my soul.

April is a month when we experience rejuvenation not just in nature as spring blooms, it is also a month we revive our beings and renew our souls while restoring our hearts and minds.  I invite you to look inward and tune into the power of ‘R’:  RELAX. REFRESH. RECHARGE.  RESTORE.  REVITALIZE. REST. REFLECT. REVIVE. RECOVER and become RESILIENT as you REJUVENATE and RENEW.