Intro to Mindfulness

What is mindfulness:

By my definition, mindfulness is the practice of focusing your mind on the present moment, becoming self-aware of your thoughts, feelings, and sensations, yet not getting distracted by them nor judging them.  Our minds have a tendency to wander with a myriad of thoughts, which is why it is referred to as the ‘monkey mind’ so the goal is to let the thoughts pass you by like a cloud and let go of them.  

Mindfulness is all about embracing the NOW, the present moment, not living in the past nor worrying about the future, but rather knowing that the present moment is all that matters and making the most of it while it’s here.

Mindfulness Mantra

This is a mantra I wrote to help me and other practice mindfulness.  It is a simple mantra which I hope helps you stay centered in the present moment.  You can use this mantra in a silent meditation or with a mala in mantra meditation.

be here.

be now.

be present.


Notice the things that pull you away from the now. 

Are they fears about the future, anxiety about work, 

guilt for not calling your parents enough? Give these feelings a name, 

acknowledge them, and then accept them for what they are without judging 

yourself for feeling them.

Acknowledge the everyday. 

From the softness of your dogs fur, to the sound of the birds singing, 

to the smell of freshly made coffee, take time to notice all

of the sensations and emotions in your everyday life, and

make sure to appreciate how incredible they are and how fortunate 

you are to be able to experience them.

Make mindfulness a habit.

Even the most mindful of us can’t remain fully aware and present at every moment of the day. Instead, start small by setting aside a dedicated time each day to be actively mindful about everything going on around and inside of you (maybe 5 minutes each morning when you get out of bed, or 15 minutes in the evening when you take the dog for a walk). Build on this time as you go until you spend more time living in the now than anywhere else.

Give yourself a reminder.

Choose something physical that reminds you to be more mindful every time 

you see it or hear it. Of course, my mala beads are my reminder. 

Every time I feel the weight of a mala against  my chest, I’m reminded to stay present in that moment and as many moments as possible.

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I hope these tips help you start a mindfulness practice and if you would like help nurturing or developing your practice, we are here for you.  

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