Giving with Intention, Receiving with Grace

Recently I had the luxury of time to mindfully start shopping for Christmas and other holiday gifts for friends and family.  Every year after the bustle of the holidays I tell myself I am going to get a head start for the following year by starting my shopping earlier.  Unfortunately this goal is usually started but not finished then causing stress and anxiety right before the holidays.

This year I decided I would proactively try to circumvent the stress of waiting to start my shopping until right before the holidays.  I  decided to spend quality down time mindfully searching for meaningful gifts to give with intention.  I enjoy the process of thinking about each person on my list, what they mean to me, and thoughtfully selecting gifts which I feel they would like and appreciate.  I also envision each person in my mind and take an 'aura' photo image of who they authentically are, unique individuals, and what may inspire them or what they may need in their life.

I am blessed with some very special people in my life, friends and family, who I love to show them how much I care.  The intention I put into my traditional Christmas stockings is to curate a collection of items which will bring that person joy and inspire them.  Through the years I have realized that giving with the intention of truly giving, not to receive something in return with any expectations, is the best kind of giving as it comes from the heart.  

Receiving any type of gift, from a smile to a compliment, to a thoughtfully selected piece of jewelry is something which some of us may not always feel comfortable with.  I know personally sometimes I have a hard time receiving a compliment, I'm not sure why, perhaps I don't feel I deserve it?  I have learned instead of shying away from a compliment or gift to receive it with grace and gratitude for it is in receiving which we are able to more generously give completing the circle of giving and receiving.

As we enter this holiday season I encourage you to give with intention and receive with grace.  Enjoy the experience of the full circle of giving and receiving and how it can fill your heart with joy and abundance.

Give with intention.  Receive with Grace.