Focus on your mental well-being this Mental Health Action Day

This Thursday, May 18th is Mental Health Action Day which was created as an important day to shift from societal and cultural awareness of mental health to taking action by providing people with tangible tools to help them achieve mental health and well-being.

At Mala and Mantra we have always sought to spread the messages of mindfulness and wellness behind our mala beads.  Our mala beads are designed with intention to be used as a tangible meditation tool.  The beads help one stay centered while using a mantra to focus on being in the present moment by chanting on each individual bead as you make your way around a mala. The tassel on a traditional mala represents the lily lotus leaves which represent enlightenment.  One of the main goals in meditation is to achieve personal enlightenment, to live your truth.  The mala can be a very powerful tool to help aid in a meditation practice.

It is our goal to provide tangible tools to aid in meditation and mindfulness as we have experienced the invaluable benefits the practice provides to our own mental health and well-being.

Here are some tools we would like to offer you on this special day:

1.  Tips on starting a mindfulness practice

2.  Join a group of like-minded individuals who can support you and your practice like The Mindful Living Collective

3.  Download our monthly mindfulness journal filled with writing prompts and inspirational quotes to help deepen your mindfulness and meditation practice.

Here are some other ideas to take action to improve your mental well-being.

1. Use The Five Minute Journal as a tool to help elevate your thoughts and practice gratitude and reflection.  I have been using this amazing journal since last year and it has helped me tremendously foster gratitude and become more aware of opportunities for my personal growth.

2.  Reach out to a friend by text or phone when you are feeling alone.  Also, be there for a friend in need when you sense they need someone to talk to.  Being there for one another is a powerful act of selflessness which we sometimes don't think to ask for because we feel we are imposing on others.  Remember it never hurts to ask and speaking with a friend who knows and understands you is more therapeutic than speaking to a stranger.

3.  Hug your animal - it is amazing how our fur babies can provide us with so much unconditional love an affection and be there for us even without words.  Their presence alone can make us smile and laugh and console our deepest wounds.  Spending quality time with your furry child can uplift your spirits more than we realize.  I was blessed to have the comfort and companionship of my dog, Bear, for 15 years.  He was my ultimate BFF and always knew how to make me feel better.  Just being next to him made me feel loved and appreciated.  His loyalty and devotion always made me so grateful not just for him but for my life and loved ones.  Having an animal who is so in tune to your emotions is one of the greatest gifts I have ever experienced.  Gratitude helps to foster self-awareness which is one of the pillars of mindfulness.  Becoming self-aware of our thoughts, feelings, and emotions is a critical part of achieving our mental well-being.  When we can recognize and acknowledge our thoughts without judgment we get closer to experiencing the benefits of a mindfulness practice.

Please remember taking care of yourself, especially your mental well-being is not selfish, it is a very important form of self-love and self-care.