Empowering our Future


As I reflect on August as National Wellness Month and the celebration of International Youth Day, the word Empowerment comes to mind as an overall theme. 

Empowerment begins with small steps in our daily lives. Setting clear goals, developing a growth mindset, and seeking continuous learning are all integral to feeling empowered. 

How great does it feel when you check an item off your to-do list or you focus on getting back to clean eating and an exercise routine? These small successes help us feel accomplished and lead to our personal empowerment and confidence. 

As a mother, I have learned that my personal empowerment journey is important for my continual well-being, but it is also an important example for my children. My goal is to model skills to teach resilience, perseverance, and compassion so that my children have the tools to regulate their own emotions and gain their own feelings of empowerment. 

True empowerment extends beyond self-growth; it involves uplifting and supporting others on their journey. As we recognize the power we hold to influence positively, we become advocates for change, promoting inclusivity and equality. Mentorship, encouragement, and lending a helping hand can inspire others to rise to their full potential and create a ripple effect of empowerment.

Empowerment isn’t just about personal strength, it’s about using our gifts and talents to help others for the betterment of the community. 

So, when you are reflecting on empowerment, ask yourself, “What gifts do I have and how can I use these gifts to empower others, especially our future youth?”