Creating meaningful moments + memories during the holidays

When we think of the holidays, we think of beautiful lights, Christmas trees, gifts, and spending time with family and friends. But, especially this year, after having faced so many challenges all across the globe, how do we create and capture meaningful moments to remember for years to come? Where do we find our holiday spirit and find a way to be present and connect when there’s so many other things on our minds and tugging at our attention, threatening to have an impact on our holiday?


One of the first and most powerful ways you can work to create moments and memories that will be kept close to the heart, is to keep it simple. While lavish decorations and big festivities are nice, this year the holiday may look a little different, and that’s okay. What matters is enjoying the presence of those that are celebrating with you, and truly focusing on the moments you’re spending with them. What you will remember years from now will be your conversations and laughs, not how many decorations were placed. Staying simple allows us to focus on what really matters: each other.


Another way to make this year special and create lasting memories is to consider trying out some new traditions or activities that may be able to fit into your holidays to come year after year. Whether this looks like going for a car ride with the family to gaze at Christmas lights in the neighborhood or dressing up in matching pajamas Christmas night, bringing new traditions into your holiday can help create meaningful, new moments that you can repeat year after year, etching them into your warm holiday memories.


Creating meaningful moments is more important than ever as we’re all learning to cherish our connections and relationships and experiencing life differently than we’ve always known it. Making the holidays this year more about the memories you’ll walk away with than the gifts or decorations or food, will offer you and your family and friends priceless moments together that you’ll hold close forever. Don’t forget to tag us (@malaandmantra) in a photo of your favorite holiday moment this year so we can share in the joy!