Celebrating Kindness, Giving and Gratitude on World Kindness Day

Even at the Mala and Mantra offices in Southern California, we are beginning to see and feel the beauty of fall. As the days shorten, this natural shift manifests itself as a cool crispness in the air and a brightness in the spirit. For this season, and for all seasons, we are grateful.

This month, we are taking the opportunity to refocus our awareness on kindness, giving and gratitude. One of the ways we will do so is by observing World Kindness Day on Sunday, November 13th . You may not have heard of this holiday, but it’s been around since 1998 when it was launched by The World Kindness Movement, a movement which now includes 28 nations dedicated to making the world a better place by promoting acts of kindness and good deeds.

When we think about being grateful, we may not immediately associate gratitude with kindness and giving, but they are all inextricably intertwined. Treating others with kindness is a gift. Not only is it a gift to those who receive the kindness, but it is also a gift to those who give the kindness. That’s because kindness inspires gratitude and gratitude inspires kindness. It is truly the gift that keeps giving.

In fact, studies have shown that just being a witness to an act of kindness can increase oxytocin, also known as “the love hormone,” as well as serotonin, a neurotransmitter that can help you feel happier and calmer. According to a list of Kindness Health Facts put out by randomactsofkindness.org, kindness in all forms can help to decrease pain, stress, anxiety, depression and lower blood pressure.

Here at Mala and Mantra, we are so grateful that you’ve decided to embark on this journey with us and we hope you’ll join us this month as we transition ourselves and our spiritual practice into a new season. To help, we’ve filled our Monthly Mindfulness Journal with writing prompts that can help us to explore our own paths to gratitude. If you haven’t signed up for our newsletter yet, you can download a copy of November’s Monthly Mindfulness Journal here.

While fall may be seasonal, our dedication to kindness, giving and gratitude is perennial. We will be wishing you joy and light on World Kindness Day and every day.