Celebrate World Kindness Day November 13th

During a time where we can’t turn on the news without hearing about injustice, hate, or war, it’s important to reflect on the good and ways we can help make the world a better place. What if we all started being more KIND?

Sounds so simple. Yet, in our fast-paced, digital society, simple acts of kindness are often forgotten. We forget to say thank you, we forget to hold the door open for others, we forget to call a lonely family member, we forget that other people have feelings too. We forget to appreciate differences and share sympathy. 

November 13 is celebrated around the globe as ‘World Kindness day’. This idea was developed with the goal of promoting small acts of kindness that can unite us all and have on-going ripple effects. It’s an important day to reflect on ways we as individuals can make purposeful and positive influences on our local and global communities. It's a day to compliment strangers, make a donation to a local charity, volunteer our time, and put aside our differences. 

This November 13, we challenge you to find simple ways you can be more kind and model kindness.  We hope you feel the immense joy that being kind can bring.

Happy World Kindness Day!  

Here's a mantra I wrote to inspire us all to practice the pause and take mindful moments to:

be well.  be thoughtful.  be kind.