#THINKMAGENTA this Global Wellness Day!

This Saturday marks the 11th Annual Global Wellness Day, a special day to celebrate and focus on your own physical and mental well-being.  With the motto 'One day can change your life' it is a day dedicated to focusing on living well and creating awareness of our lives.

Part of our core brand values at Mala and Mantra is fostering and promoting mindfulness and wellness.  Our mission is to empower people across the globe with tools to help them create, nurture, develop and maintain a mindfulness practice.  Our goal through the creation of these mindfulness tools is to help people achieve their own mental well-being and personal enlightenment.

"Wellness" to me incorporates a philosophy of taking care of the mind, body, and soul collectively.  All three components of this powerful trinity must work together in harmony in order to achieve a better overall quality of life and to aid in physical and mental health.

In honor of this special day Mala and Mantra will be participating in a Global Wellness Day Celebration at the Alila Marea Resort in Encinitas, CA.  We will showcase our mindful and meaningful mala bead jewelry and accessories and provide education about how to use your mala beads as a mindful living tool. We aim to spread the messages behind our mala beads of mindfulness and wellness and our goal is to help people 'Live Life M-powered' with tools to facilitate personal enlightenment and well-being.

If you are in the San Diego area and are interested in participating in Alila Marea's Global Wellness Day event please check out the link below:

Global Wellness Day with Spa Alila: June 11 – Alila Marea (alila-marea.myshopify.com)

#ThinkMagenta is the theme for Global Wellness Day 2022. It is an idea that rises amidst the negativity in the world. A reminder with a positive effect on life.

This year Global Wellness Day Ambassadors, Key Supporters and volunteers will work together to change people’s lives in a positive way and to add color to their thoughts.

In 2022 Global Wellness Day Will…

  • Celebrate this special day with the theme #ThinkMagenta.
  • Invite people to #ThinkMagenta
  • Recommend everyone simple but effective affirmations.
  • Remind people that living well begins in the mind.
  • Show that when you know where to look there is a good side to even the toughest days.
  • Spread the #ThinkMagenta philosophy to our communities and beyond.

In stressful, anxious, tense and negative moments, there is a very simple way to disperse the dark clouds:

1. Stop what you’re doing and calm down.
2. First take a deep breath and exhale. Even one breath is enough.
3. Afterwards immediately smile. Smile in spite of everything.

It’s that simple. You’ve already started to #ThinkMagenta.

To learn more about Global Wellness Day 2022 visit: