Be Mindful in May

Every May we focus on ‘being MINDFUL in MAY’ as May has become the calendar month focused on mindfulness.  This May is especially meaningful as we navigate through this unfamiliar and uncertain time in our world which many of us have so many questions and concerns about.  Practices like mindfulness + meditation are invaluable tools to help us calm and focus our minds versus worrying about the unknown.. A regular meditation and mindfulness practice can provide so many positive benefits to help us focus and strengthen our mind to handle difficult times like these.

To start off being MINDFUL in MAY we would like to invite you to join a very special online group, The Mindful Living Collective, started by our friend, Dr. Elisha Goldstein, PhD, leading mindfulness educator and psychologist. It is an amazing gathering place for like-minded souls around the globe for mindful learning + living.

In a response to our current global crisis, Elisha has opened up the Mindful Living Collective to all of us for FREE. Get access to Daily Mindful Living Circles, Weekly Live Mindful Events, a Mindfulness-On-the-Go Library, regular Meditation Challenges and more to put an inspired tribe around you for more calm, support, connection, help with ongoing meditation, anxiety, negative thinking and more peace of mind during this time.

Please join us in being part of this very special online community.  It takes less than a minute to join and together we’re sharing our stories, experiences, and ideas.

Be mindful and well