Mindfulness Tools for You + Yours

We would like to share with you some tools and information to ignite, nurture, and deepen your mindfulness and meditation practices.  We hope you find these tools helpful and useful during this unfamiliar time and may they inspire you to continue with your practice.

At Mala and Mantra we design and create authentic malas, which are a meditation tool typically strung of 108 beads and a guru bead, used to recite mantras which help the user focus their mind and stay centered in the present moment.  All of our mantras are intentionally written based on the holistic properties and energies of the particular gemstone or material used. 

It is our intention to provide a meaningful and useful tool which can be used in a meditation practice to achieve ones own personal enlightenment, which is the goal of meditation.


Start by holding your mala beads in your left hand, resting the beads between your index finger and thumb. Begin reciting your chosen mantra, counting each repetition by moving to the next bead. When you complete one set of mantra repetition—108 for mala bead necklaces; 27 for mala bead bracelets—and reach the guru bead, flip the mala around 180 degrees, then continue in the same direction.

Please visit our ‘MALAS + MEDITATION 101’ page for a free guided meditation on ‘How to meditate with your mala’