Happy International Women's Day

Today we honor all women around the globe in celebration of International Women’s Day.

We started Mala and Mantra six years ago with the intention to consciously create mindful jewelry and accessories while empowering women artisans through wellness. We are grateful to have met our talented group of women artisans who make up our fair trade cooperative in the Philippines in 2009. Through the production of our jewelry + accessories we are able to assist these women financially by creating sustainable income for them and we are also able to assist them responsibly by providing a safe working environment for them.

At M+M we believe in a full circle of women + wellness which begins when myself and the women on my creative team work to develop designs for our cooperative to prepare physical samples of. Once approved we issue a production order to our women artisans at our fair trade cooperative and the production process starts. After the products have been produced and sold at wholesale to our select client base of spa + resort retail partners, select wellness centers, and select meditation + yoga studios, we then come full circle as our end customers receive a unique mantra for the particular piece purchased along with detailed information the holilstic properties + energies of the particular gemstone. It is the message of mindfulness behind these mantras I write which are intended to be help the recipient receive wellness.

Providing our women artisans with meaningful sustainable work can also assist in developing of their self confidence and pride in their artisanal talent. Our long term goal is to M-power women artisans across the globe by providing them with a skill which allows them to sustain themselves + their families with pride.

We believe women have the exponential power to positively effect their own lives as well as those of their families and communities. Women have a way of getting things done in great detail while simultaneously nurturing and supporting their families, friends + communities. It is in this belief that ‘women can change the world’ we have committed ourselves to conscious production of our products by talented women artisans across the globe.