A Mindful Message from our Founder

A Mindful Message from our Founder

The past few weeks have been challenging for us as a global community as we all face the uncertainty of COVID-19 and how it has abruptly changed our lives and personally difficult for myself as I had to say goodbye forever to a dear loved one right at the onset of this madness. 

This emotional roller coaster has taught me a lot in a short period of time about putting things into perspective.  The most important things in life I realized are those moments we share together with those we care for. These moments and memories are what keep us carrying on and keep those we love close to our hearts. 

I have turned to my meditation and mindfulness practices along with my faith to get me through this very difficult time of the passing of my loved one.  Although it has not healed my pain as I know that will take some time, it has definitely helped me be present in every moment I shared before having to say goodbye to my father and all the important moments that have followed including getting my mother through the unexpected loss of her life partner.  Practicing presence is one of the most important things we can all do right now as the uncertainty of this gloomy pandemic has forced us all outside of our comfort zones.  


Spending time together with those we love and care about is something to be savored, not taken for granted, believe me I am speaking from a broken heart as I share this with you. Please don’t look at this time of sheltering in place or quarantine as negative, although it will be hard, look at it as a gift, to spend time together, perhaps in ways you never have before.

This situation has also reminded me of how interconnected we are, now not just regionally, or nationally but globally.  As global citizens we are now all affected by each other's actions, this virus clearly illustrates this. I wrote this mantra to help me get through this time, please feel free to use it in your meditation, it can be used by itself or with the assistance of a mala.

be mindful.

be well.

be wise.

I would like to share some of our free guided meditations with all of you to use during this time.  They are always available on our ‘MALAS + MEDITATION 101’ page for free.



Please let me know if there is anything else we can do to support your mindfulness and meditation practice or to help you practice presence.

During this time the well-being, safety, and health of our teams in Carlsbad, CA and our cooperative of women artisans in the Philippines is our top priority so we are currently working remotely from home. If there is anything you should need we are available by e-mail and online for any and all of your needs.

Wishing wellness, safety + health,

Judith Compton

Founder + Creator