Judith's Journal: Ignite Your Light

As the holiday season has now come and gone—and the energy of the New Year is inspiring me to be the best version of myself—I find myself reflecting on some of the most meaningful moments from the past few months.

I feel so fortunate to do what I do—consciously creating mindful jewelry and apparel with positive messages that are intended to provide the wearer with wellness. It is in the act of creating something purposeful and meaningful for others that I find much of my joy and inner happiness. 

I used to feel that the acquisition of material ‘things’ would bring me happiness and pleasure. And sometimes it did—at least for at little while. But then I realized that those feelings were fleeting. Sometimes there was almost a period of sadness and a little disgust that came along with the realization that the ‘thing’ (clothes, a car, a new kitchen appliance I couldn’t live without) became so important that I lost my focus on the real non-material things that should be treasured and not taken for granted, such as my health, loved ones and time.

Most people look forward to the holidays and all of the ‘things’ that come along with them: the food, the parties, the decorations, the gifts. These days, I find all of that a bit stressful and do my best to be prepared for the non-stop month or so of festivities ahead of time so I can focus during this special time on experiencing the joy of being with friends and family and sharing quality time together with meaningful and memorable exchanges.

I recently celebrated a milestone birthday in November and spent it in one of my favorite places—Los Cabos, Mexico—with a small group of friends and family. It was a weeklong celebration filled with non-stop activities and festivities. I was so deeply touched by all of the effort my friends and family made to be with me to celebrate, from the expense to travel to Cabo, to the time they took off from work or away from their family, to their pure presence of being themselves with me—the people I love and cherish most.

Toward the end of the week, an overwhelming feeling of gratitude, joy, happiness and contentment came over me like a wave. I felt so much love from all of these special souls that it brought the feeling of being wrapped up by a blanket of sunshine, both inside and outside. I can’t explain the sensation other than it was the ‘light’ which shines within each and every one of us. We all emanate a unique light and when we become truly enlightened, we help others shine their special light. It’s contagious, like a fire.  

I wish for every soul to reach their own personal enlightenment, which is why I’m committed to spreading the word about starting or developing a mindfulness and meditation practice. These practices have helped me become much more self-aware, thoughtful, less reactive and more grateful. Through practice each day, I feel that I open myself up to radiating my light within. I hope your practice does the same for you and leads you closer to your inner light. 

If you would like to start your own practice, please let me know how I can help. You can also visit our Malas + Meditation 101 page for more info about meditation, or listen to some of our free guided mindfulness meditations available here.

Wishing you a peaceful New Year focused on the things that matter most.