Our Company Intentions for 2019

With the start of a new year, the release of our 2019 Intentions Journal, our latest post about “How to Set Intentions With Your Mala Beads” and the launch of our newest collection, Live With Intention, you’ve probably noticed that we’re talking a lot about intentions this month. That’s because intentions are an important part of our—and others’—path toward greater mindfulness and well-being.

Rather than just setting individual intentions for everyone on our team, we decided to create some meaningful intentions for our company as a whole, too. And because intentions gain even more strength when you release them out into the universe, we wanted to share them with you—our customers—so you can have an inside look at what we’re working toward in 2019 and help to hold us accountable throughout the year. Here are just six of our biggest company intentions for 2019.



Since we first launched our brand nearly five years ago, we knew we wanted to make a positive impact on the world—not just through our mindful mala jewelry that provides wellness to its wearers, but also by making the world a better place through sustainable business practices. To this end, we source only all-natural gemstones and sustainable wood beads, and are continually looking for ways to lower our consumption and carbon footprint, whether it’s by choosing better packaging options or something as simple as printing less in our office.

Not only do we want to make more sustainable business choices, but we also intend to sustain the lives of the fair trade women artisans we work with in the Philippines. By partnering with them to handcraft each and every Mala and Mantra piece, we’re able to offer them a sustainable way of living, fair wages, a safe work environment, and the ability to empower and support themselves and their families. We intend to do everything in our power to grow our business so that we can help more women around the world through jobs like these.


As our founder, Judith Compton, mentioned in this recent blog post, her personal goal this year is to help ignite the light in others and help them achieve a sense of enlightenment. That’s also our intention as a company. We want to do everything we can to help ease and deepen others’ mindfulness and meditation practices, and will continue to offer more content and products that allow us to do so. Whether it’s our Malas + Meditation 101 section on the website , our mindful jewelry that enhances your wellness and spiritual journey, or free guided meditations that you can follow along with at home, we intend for everything we do to better help you achieve your own personal enlightenment.


We fully believe that at the heart of any meditation practice—and any socially conscious business—is a deep compassion for others and a desire to help them in any way you can. That’s why we intend to put others first more often, whether that’s designing jewelry and accessories that better suit our customers’ needs or partnering up with non-profits through our Crafted for a Cause program. We aim to approach life and our business with kindness, compassion and a sense of selflessness to make our community—and the world—a much better place.



In all that we do, we intend to be a source of inspiration for anyone who comes across our brand or our products. We want to provide uplifting content to battle the negativity that permeates our culture. We aim to create beautiful jewelry and accessories that provide wellness, bring a smile to your face, and fill you with joy and comfort any time you wear them. We want to inspire you to live your best, most mindful life, and to spread that peace to everyone you encounter.


Too often, the world of wellness can become competitive and unrelatable, making you feel ashamed if you don’t meditate for an hour every day or have an Instagram-perfect smoothie bowl for breakfast each morning. At Mala and Mantra, we want wellness to be inclusive and approachable for everyone, whether you’ve never practiced mindfulness before or attend meditation retreats every month. We intend to keep all of our content down-to-earth and easy to understand, so that everyone—no matter who they are, where they live or how they practice—can enjoy the benefits of mindfulness, meditation, wellness and a spiritual journey.


Fun fact: 2019 is the Year of the Pig in the Chinese zodiac system! This animal symbol is often associated with abundance, prosperity, luck and good fortune. That’s why we’re making it our intention this year to manifest abundance at all levels, both in our personal lives and as a business. We want to eliminate feelings of scarcity and not being (or having) enough, and instead live with the mindset that we are abundant and already have everything we could possibly need. We intend to spread this feeling of abundance to others, too, helping them to see the many blessings in their life and appreciate all the goodness surrounding them.

What are your intentions for 2019? Share them with us in the comments section or on Instagram @malaandmantra!