Introducing the Zen Men's Collection

With Father's Day coming up this Sunday, we could think of no better time to launch our very first men's line: the Zen Men's Collection. We often heard from our male customers that they love our Mantra Gemstone bracelets, but they were sometimes too small to fit their wrists. So we increased the circumference size, added some new gemstones + styles, and created a brand new collection designed specifically with men in mind.


The Zen Men's collection was consciously created with the intention of bringing strength, confidence, patience + mindfulness into your everyday life. Featuring 9 semi-precious gemstones + sustainable wood beads, this collection of handcrafted styles helps you cultivate peace of mind + a sense of zen.


The collection features two circumference sizes: 8" (which fits most men's wrists, and some women's wrists, too) and an XL 8.5" size for even bigger wrists. It also includes a new 54-Bead Adjustable Wrap Mala style + three new gemstones exclusive to the Zen Men's Collection: Dumortierite, Kambaba Jasper + Red Tiger's Eye.

Dumortierite is a healing stone that helps you overcome hardships, stabilizes your emotions and provides a sense of calm in the face of challenges. Named after the French paleontologist Eugene Dumortier—who first formally described the stone in 1881—dumortierite is also known as the "Stone of Patience."

It helps you shed beliefs that no longer serve your soul's purpose and cut out negative thoughts that hold you back from being your true self. As a balancing stone, it creates order in your life and helps you more easily see the good in others.


Kambaba Jasper is a stone of peace and tranquility that relieves stress, provides comfort and enhances your focus. Most often found in Madagascar and South Africa, this exotic form of jasper is also known as Crocodile Jasper due to its resemblance to the skin of a crocodile.

Kambaba Jasper is a nurturing stone that heals heartbreak and rejection, while opening your heart up to give and receive love from others. As a calming stone, it soothes a troubled soul and restores the balance between your mind, body and spirit.

Red Tiger's Eye is a stimulating stone that provides inspiration, motivation and a greater sense of energy. Also known as Dragon's Eye—due to its deep red and black bands—it is a form of Tiger's Eye that builds confidence and self-esteem.

It helps you approach projects, tasks and relationships with passion, while enhancing your willpower and creativity. As a grounding stone, it connects you to the earth, aids in self-preservation, and keeps you centered amidst challenges or chaos.


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