Introducing the Gemstone Goddess Couture Collection!

For the last four years, we’ve made it our mission to design beautiful, handcrafted mala beads made with only the highest-quality materials, whether it’s sustainable wood beads or all-natural, semi-precious gemstones. And that’s something we promise will never change. But this month, we’ve taken our dedication to quality to a whole other level with the introduction of our newest collection: Gemstone Goddess.

We’re calling this our “Couture Collection” because it’s designed with some of the most premium, semi-precious gemstones we could possibly get our hands on. Each of the six gemstones in this super-special collection is all-natural, faceted for a little extra shine, and filled with healing properties + energies that provide wellness when you wear them. The luxe pieces are also designed with high-end, fashion-forward details—from silver toggle closures to detachable tassels and natural agate slices, which you can mix and match for more versatile styling. 

We’re so in love with all 18 of these gorgeous pieces, and we’re pretty confident you will be, too. Check out the gemstones + some of the designs below, then head over to the Gemstone Goddess page to pick up a piece of your own—we know you’ll love + cherish it for many years to come. 


promotes meditation
be aware. be calm. be fearless.




Aquamarine is a calming stone that helps one reach a higher state of consciousness. From the Latin phrase aqua marina—meaning "sea water," which describes the stone's bluish-green color—aquamarine has a soothing and relaxing effect similar to that of water.

As a reflective stone (its color resembling the sea's reflection of the sky), aquamarine is wonderful for meditation and revelation. As a healing stone, it helps provide greater courage and clarity, while encouraging its wearer to approach humanity with compassion.

promotes love
be confident. be energy. be hope.


Garnet is an energizing stone that helps promote love, strengthen relationships and attract abundance into your life. From the Latin word garanatus—meaning "seedlike," due to its resemblance to the color of pomegranate seeds—garnet is an ancient symbol of friendship that enhances loyalty, devotion and self-esteem.

As a balancing stone, garnet stimulates your desires, lifts your spirits, increases your passion and provides emotional stability. As a sensual stone, it soothes unwanted emotional pain and acts as a personal protector against negativity from those around you.

promotes grounding
be fearless. be grounded. be strong. 


Black Lava is a strengthening stone that provides you with courage and resilience in times of challenge or change. Also known as basalt, this volcanic rock is made from molten lava that has cooled and solidified after undergoing conditions of intense heat and pressure, representing the strength and stability provided by the stone.

As a grounding stone with beginnings at the center of the earth, black lava enhances your connection to the universe and eases communication. As a calming stone, it helps rid you of anger and anxiety, providing you with positive energy and the ability to shed unnecessary emotional attachments.

promotes individuality

be connected. be positive. be spiritual.




Ruby Zoisite is a balancing stone that awakens your true self and helps you maintain your individuality. Also known as Anyolite—from the Massai word anyoli, meaning "green"—the multihued crystal combines ruby and zoisite stones to provide both passion and patience.

As an energizing stone, ruby zoisite breathes abundance, vitality, gratitude and happiness into your life, while enhancing the connection between your heart and your brain. As a healing stone, it helps you open your heart to love and increase your compassion for others.

promotes unconditional love
be harmony. be peace. be true.


Prehnite is a transformative stone that promotes spiritual growth and allows for personal evolution. Named after its 18th century Dutch discoverer—Colonel Hendrik Von Prehn—prehnite is especially helpful for visualizing goals and dreams, while improving your memory and recollection.

As a spiritual stone, prehnite enhances your intuition, encourages you to follow your heart and prepares you to handle any situation that may arise. As a grounding stone, it allows you to clear your mind and smoothly transition into a meditative state.

promotes healing
be grounded. be harmony. be strong.


Tourmalated Quartz is a master healing stone that enhances clear thinking and provides emotional clarity. Made from a marriage of two stones—shards of black tourmaline encased in crystal quartz—tourmalated quartz combines the manifestation and spiritual growth powers of crystal quartz with the grounding energy of black tourmaline.

As a protective stone, tourmalated quartz shields you from harm, deflects negative energy, and helps you release fear and anxiety. As a harmonizing stone, it balances your energy and emotions, and is a useful tool for meditation, helping you tune into your soul's desires and true purpose.

promotes confidence
be balanced. be confident. be strong.


Agate is a stabilizing and strengthening mineral that helps balance your energy and bring your mind, body and spirit into harmony. As a cleansing mineral, agate rids you of negative energies and emotions, relieving you of tension, anger and anxiety while opening your heart up to love. As a protective mineral, it lends a sense of security, self-acceptance and confidence, and improves concentration and rational thinking.

Each of our natural agate slices can be switched out for your threaded tassel on the Gemstone Goddess Mala Necklaces or 54-Bead Necklaces. Because the slices are all-natural, size and color may vary from the ones seen above.