Mindful May: 4 Tips from Meditate Movement That Help You Master Mindfulness Meditation

If you know anything about Mala and Mantra, then you probably know that meditation lies at the heart of our brand. In fact, malas have been used for centuries to aid in meditation, helping you focus your attention and keep count during your mantra recitation. 

Much like mindfulness, meditation is a state of thoughtless awareness—a profound sense of peace that occurs when the mind is calm and silent, yet also alert. And because mindfulness + meditation are so similar in many aspects, mindfulness meditation has become one of the most common forms of practicing meditation. But just because you’ve learned how to be more mindful doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ve fully mastered meditation. 

That’s why we teamed up with Heather Peterson + Gabby Domini—two of our M-powered M-bassadors + the creators of Meditate Movement—to give you a few easy tricks for practicing mindfulness meditation. Check them out below, then head to Instagram @malaandmantra to see more helpful tips from Heather + Gabby.

  1. Acknowledge obstacles. “There are three main obstacles you will experience at some point in a seated meditation practice: thoughts, physical discomfort + restlessness. However, if you are expecting these obstacles, you can acknowledge them as they occur + avoid being disheartened by them.”
  2. Bring meditation into everyday activities. “Practicing mindfulness or concentration techniques throughout your day will no doubt improve your meditation experience. one of the most fun practices we know is to mindfully listen to the lyrics of a song. Focus all of your attention on them and comprehend the story that is being told. When you catch yourself no longer listening mindfully—or at all—start the song over. Try this the next time you have a lengthy drive home and observe how quickly your mind wanders.”
  3. View meditation as a microscope into how you’re actually living. “If you’re not getting enough quality sleep, you might struggle to stay awake during your meditation. If you have unresolved issues with another person, your mind might be troubled. If you distract yourself all day with technology, you will probably be extremely restless. This insight is invaluable, so let it guide you toward the changes you need to make in your life.”
  4. Just STOP. “Next time you find yourself distracted by thought, emotion or fantasy, use the acronym STOP. S stands for Stop; T stands for Take a deep breath; O stands for Observe; and P stands for Proceed. This powerful acronym really gets you to the point of mindfulness.”

What are your best tips for practicing mindfulness meditation? Make sure to check out more from Heather + Gabby on our Instagram account or at www.meditatemovement.com.