How to Live in a State of Well 'BE'-ing

At the close of 2016, I paused to write my intentions for the New Year, as well as my own personal mantra for the year ahead:

be mindful. be inspired. be well.

I stopped myself from writing my usual “I am” affirmation mantra, changing it instead to an active state of “BE-ing.” I tried to practice the “state of well BE-ing” last year, but unfortunately didn’t do the best job at the BE-ing part. Instead, I was spending all of my time DO-ing this, that and everything else, and I ended up feeling both stressed and frustrated (as I’m sure many of you can relate to).

But this year, I decided I would simply like to BE mindful, inspired and well every day of my existence. By chanting this mantra repeatedly, I hope to help myself actively BE in these states in the present moment.

It was my friend, Micole Noble—a life coach, meditation master and yoga teacher at The Chopra Center—who inspired me to live in a state of well BE-ing. While going through a difficult time last year, I reached out to her for some advice of how to communicate with someone I disagreed with.  Here’s what she told me:

Being is a right here, right now phenomenon. Most of us are not in the present moment because we are mostly thinking about something that happened in the past or may (never) happen in the future.
Meditation is an exercise, when practiced daily, that takes us into this essence of ourselves, which is stillness and silence, and where pure consciousness and awareness exist.
Sit quietly and close your eyes. Notice any resistance in your body (tightness or tension). Begin to let go as you exhale to this energy you're holding on to in your body. Begin to notice the thoughts that come as you release this tension. What situations or circumstances in your life are you resisting? Don't overthink it. Just notice how these thoughts take up space in your physical body.
Make a commitment to accept everything and everyone in your life as they are and as they are not. Throughout your day, notice when you resist what happens. To practice being, we must resist nothing. When you are being, you have no reaction to life's circumstances and anything that happens has no impact on you.
By accessing pure consciousness and awareness through meditation, we get better at this practice everyday. What if anything that happened in life had no effect on you? More experience of peace and bliss, that's what!


Ever since Micole shared this incredible insight with me, I’ve been striving to simply BE, which is actually more challenging than it sounds. However, through my meditation practice and 2017 mantrabe mindful. be inspired. be well.I’m training myself daily to actively BE in a state of well being.

So at the start of this New Year, ask yourself: “What is my state of well BE-ing? How can I BE my best self today and every day?” I’d love for you to share your own BE mantras and the intentions you’re setting this year to simply BE and live in the present moment.

Wishing you a happy and well New Year!


Micole Noble is a Life Coach and Master Educator at the Chopra Center for Wellbeing in Carlsbad, CA. Learn more at