I decided our M+M theme for this month would be the concept of MANIFESTATION as it is something I have personally been investing time and energy in and have already benefited from the results in my own life and business.

What exactly is MANIFESTATION?  Here is how Merriam-Webster defines it:


noun man·i·fes·ta·tion \ˌma-nə-fə-ˈstā-shən, -ˌfe-ˈstā-\

Full Definition of MANIFESTATION

1 a :  the act, process, or an instance of manifesting b (1) :  something that manifests or is manifest (2) :  a perceptible, outward, or visible expression c :  one of the forms in which an individual is manifested d :  an occult phenomenon; specifically :  materialization

2:  a public demonstration of power and purpose

Did that help?  I hope so, however I feel my own description may be more "user friendly":

MANIFESTATION is the conversion of energy, thoughts, and will to a desired upon outcome.  It begins with our own will for what we would like to have, see, experience, and feel.  Then through a process of focusing ones own energy to create whatever one wills, the end result materializes into something real. - JPC

So, what is it you would like to MANIFEST this month?  Look within, what would you like to experience this summer?  What would you like to have you do not currently have?  What would you like to create?  Where would you like to go?  Start asking yourself these questions and then write one clear #MANIFESTATIONMANTRA to keep your energy focused on your intention.

Please share your #MANIFESTATIONMANTRA with us on Instagram by tagging @malaandmantra and using these hashtags:  #mondaymanifestationmantra #manifestationmantra

I look forward to reading all of your inspiring #manifestation #mantras soon and selecting a lucky winner to receive a piece from our #modamalacollection.