A poem inspired by mindful travel

After returning from a long-planned trip to Cape Town, South Africa, M+M founder JPC (Judy Perez Compton) was so inspired by her experiences throughout her travels to the 'fairest cape of all' these words came to her as soon as she returned home.  Always inspired by her world travels and her insatiable wanderlust she realized she has so much more to share about living a mindful life so this is her gift for everyone this #globalwellnessday2015. . . a little poem inspired by her upcoming blog #wellnessandwanderlust.com


My True Wealth. . .


is not measured in gold,

or social status,

nor expensive acquisitions


it is found in experiences

which enrich my soul and

fill my heart with joy. . .


to love and be loved by my



to give and receive unconditional

love and peace with family


to share laughter and tears

with true friends


to taste, smell, and see the

world through travel


to feel the rewards of being a

good caretaker of my health

and well being


to express compassion and

forgiveness to humankind and

receive it in return


to work hard and enjoy what I

do so much it keeps me mentally

motivated to do more


to create, ideas, things, art, and

express my true gifts


to appreciate Mother Nature and be

in awe of all of her majestic beauty


to care and love for an animal who

can only speak to me except through

his eyes and expressions


to provide for others less fortunate than

myself in a manner that rises them

to sustain themselves


to be content with what I have and

realize it is more than enough


to live my life as my authentic self and

never compromise who I truly am for the

sake of anything or anyone


this in my opinion is wealth beyond

measure that surpasses time and lives

in our heart and soul forever.