Like-Minded Missions

Though Mala and Mantra is proud (and blessed!) to be known for our beautiful, stylish + soulful mala beads that help wearers on their journey toward self-discovery and mindfulness, our mission isn’t just about providing stunning and Fair Trade bracelets and necklaces to the yoga, meditation + wellness communities.

At the core, Mala and Mantra is all about connecting with others (while also helping them connect to themselves), whether that’s through our work with a Filipino women’s co-op or through our partnerships with mindful collaborators who share our beliefs in living consciously, living soulfully + living intentionally.

We’ve been blessed recently to work with just two of these wonderful people and brands: The Daily Mind, an online outlet that provides guidance and tips to help its readers make every day more meaningful, and Brandy Oswald of A Mindful Mantra, a beautifully written blog that shares inspirational posts about everything from yoga to healthy eating.

And because we’re so grateful to be surrounded by the like-minded folks behind The Daily Mind and A Mindful Mantra—and the countless others out there who share our mindful mission—we wanted to give you a glimpse at just two of the partnerships and collaborations we’ve been able to work together to create.



We’re always searching for ways to connect with people, brands + organizations who, like us, want to spread love, make a difference and create a global community of mindful + soulful individuals. We’d love to hear from those of you who also believe in this vision, whether it’s simply to share the ways in which you live mindfully and soulfully every day or to explore future collaborations with one another.