Spotlight on Sustainability: Celebrating Our Sustainable Practices This Earth Day

At this point, you probably already know about the idea behind Mala and Mantra: We’re a fashionable, spiritual jewelry and accessories line that consciously creates mala bead necklaces, bracelets and more. And while the style and spiritual aspects are top priorities for our brand, there’s another very important principle that lies at the core of Mala and Mantra: mindfulness. Mindfulness about what we think, how we act, what we wear and—most importantly—how our thoughts and actions can have a profound effect on the people and environment surrounding us.

That’s why, ever since I came up with the idea for Mala and Mantra back in the spring of 2013, sustainability has been at the heart of both the brand and the beautiful products we create. Before even coming up with my very first designs, I knew I wanted to use sustainable materials to craft Mala and Mantra’s lineup of handmade and hand-knotted mala beads. I also knew that, much like myself, today’s consumers are more mindful than ever—mindful about how they care for their bodies, the way they ease their minds and where their favorite products come from. We all have choices when we shop, and through our purchases, we all have the power to vote with our dollars for companies and products that support the increasingly popular beliefs about social responsibility that can positively improve humanity, make a difference in the world, and even make the world a more beautiful and sustainable place to live. And while that idea is in the spotlight today—on Earth Day—it’s an idea that’s dear to both my heart and Mala and Mantra’s brand philosophy each and every day.


Mala and Mantra is proud to say that we used many sustainable materials and semi-precious gemstones to create our Debut Collection, from Rose Quartz and Amethyst to Labradorite, Botswana Agate, Pyrite and many more. But it doesn’t stop there. In fact, we’re thrilled to announce that our upcoming summer collection, called the Moda Mala Collection, will feature sustainable wood beads indigenous to my family’s homeland, the Philippines. Whether it’s Rosewood and Tiger Ebony Wood—materials known to promote relaxation and intuition, growth and evolution, respectively—or the always-beautiful Coconut Wood—popular for offering protection and purification—we’re excited to design and release yet another collection that we can be proud to produce and you can be proud to wear.


And though it may not be “sustainable” in terms of green and eco-friendly, we’re also extremely proud to practice sustainability in another sense: sustainability for the female artisans—and their families—who help craft Mala and Mantra’s gorgeous lineup of products. By partnering with a women’s Fair Trade cooperative in the Philippines, Mala and Mantra helps sustain the wellness and livelihood of a group of female artisans through fair wages, education, training, support and a safe working environment. Our collaboration with the co-op helps support these women and their families by providing sustainable income and allowing them to expand their livelihood, as well as that of their families and communities.

Whether it’s through our use of sustainably sourced materials or the work we do with our co-op, we’re thankful for the opportunity to walk the sustainability walk both this Earth Day and every other day.