5 Reasons We Support Fair Trade

We’re almost to the end of October, and not only does that mean Halloween is near, but it also means Fair Trade Month is drawing to a close. As both a consumer and business owner, I’ve long been a supporter of the Fair Trade movement, buying Fair Trade products as frequently as possible and working with Fair Trade brands and businesses throughout my career. So when I launched Mala and Mantra in the spring of 2013, I knew I wanted to incorporate Fair Trade into the brand’s mission and operations.

And while I’m sure many of you are also Fair Trade supporters, there may be some of you who aren’t too familiar with the idea of Fair Trade. That’s why I want to share five of the biggest reasons to support Fair Trade—and to love it, too.

1.    Fair Trade helps provide fair wages and safe working environments for people around the world.

Whether they’re harvesting coffee beans or crafting Fair Trade goods, workers in every Fair Trade business are guaranteed a sustainable source of income, fair wages and a working environment in which they can feel safe, empowered and protected.

2.    Fair Trade allows you to empower female artisans.

Though many Fair Trade organizations employ both men and women, Mala and Mantra’s work with our all-female co-op in the Philippines means we’re able to support these amazing women and help them develop their skills. Not only does this enrich their lives, but it also makes their products more marketable—providing an even more sustainable source of income for their families and communities.


3.    Fair Trade helps sustain small—and large—communities across the globe.

Not only are workers in Fair Trade organizations able to support themselves and their families thanks to the fair wages they earn, but they also invest some of that money back into their communities, paving the way for better schools, housing, healthcare and more.

4.    Fair Trade is eco-friendly.

Many Fair Trade organizations use sustainable practices in their operations, cutting down on their environmental impact and ensuring that the earth is healthier for decades to come.

5.    Fair Trade results in high-quality, handcrafted goods.

Just look at our beautiful malas and mala bead bracelets, for example. Each piece is carefully handcrafted and handknotted by a skilled artisan—an artisan who puts a lot of care and effort into making sure the piece you’re wearing is as well-made as possible.

So tell us: How are you buying fair + being fair this month (and every other month, too)?