Year of the Tiger Women's 6mm Stretch Bracelet

Manifest confidence, grounding, and strength with our Year of the Tiger Women's 6mm Tiger's Eye Stretch Bracelet

In honor of The Year of the Tiger this bracelet comes with a special 'be brave' charm with a sketch of a tiger on the back side.  2022 is the Year of the Water Tiger in the Chinese Zodiac. 

Tigers are know for their courage and ambition.  The Water Tiger always trusts its instincts.  The water element represents abundance.  Under the influence of the water element, 2022 will be a year to make changes creating opportunities for transformation.

Tiger's Eye:  Promotes Courage 



be brave.

be true.

be you.


SKU:   AX9420-TIG

Bead size:  6mm

Circumference:  7.25

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