TERRA MAR: Sunset Dumortierite

Encourage tranquility while wearing our Sunset Dumortierite Terra Mar Stretch Bracelet. This handcrafted bracelet promotes evolution and features all-natural, semi-precious faceted Sunset Dumortierite stones.

Our Terra Mar Collections features 10 semi-precious matte finish gemstones which all resemble either Terra (Earth) or Mar (Sea) due to their unique color palettes and tones.

Sunset Dumortierite:  Promotes Tranquility

Dumortierite is a healing stone that helps you overcome hardships, stabilizes your emotions, and provides a sense of calm in the face of challenge.

Named after the French paleantolgist Eugene Dumortier, who first formally described the stone in 1881- it is also known as the "Stone of Patience."  

It helps you shed believes that no longer serve your soul's purpose and remove negative thoughts which hold you back from your true self.  As a balancing stone, it creates order in your life and helps you more easily see the good in others.

Sunset Dumortierite has a beautiful faded blue denim color combined with earth toned warm hues of copper with naturally variations from stone to stone.


MANTRA:  I am balanced. 

Beads: 8mm
Circumference: 7.5”