TERRA MAR: African Bloodstone

Encourage resilience and strength, while wearing our African Bloodstone Terra Mar Stretch Bracelet. This handcrafted bracelet promotes evolution and features all-natural, semi-precious faceted African Bloodstone stones.

Our Terra Mar Collections features 10 semi-precious matte finish gemstones which all resemble either Terra (Earth) or Mar (Sea) due to their unique color palettes and tones.

African Bloodstone:  Promotes Resilience 

African Bloodstone is a transformative stone which provides protection from negative influences. It is associated with prosperity, health and happiness. Its healing and protective energies are said to remove and block negative energies and in return replace them with healing higher frequency vibrations. 

African Bloodstone is a form of Jasper and Chalcedony also known as Setonite. It can be worn as jewelry to access its healing and protective vibrations throughout your day.  

MANTRA: I am Strong

Beads: 8mm
Circumference: 7.5”