Terra Madera: Rocky Butte Jasper + Rosewood 108 Bead Adjustable Wrap Mala

Feel nurtured and strengthened by Mother Earth with our Rocky Butte Jasper Terra Madera 108 bead hand-knotted adjustable wrap mala.  Featuring all-natural, semi-precious Rocky Butte Jasper gemstones with a special matte finish combined with sustainable Rosewood beads from the Philippines.

This Jasper can help to ease anxiety and bring calm and stability. This unique stone radiates a warm heartfelt vibration aiding the wearer in self transformation.

Rocky Butte Jasper was selected as one of the Jasper gemstones to be part of our special limited edition 'Terra Madera' Collection for Earth Day.  It is a stone whose natural beauty depicts natures beautiful scenery with its shades of blue, green, grey, gold, and terra cotta.



be grounded.

be balanced.

be tranquil.


Beads:  6mm

Length:  31-33"

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